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Choosing a Home Inspector

On this are page there are half a dozen links to articles about how to find a home inspector. There are dozens of articles written about home inspectors. I invite you to look at some or all of these or any others you can find. Then, call me to ask questions and see if Space City Inspections is the right fit for you.

How To Pick a Great Home Inspector

Certified Master InspectorFirst, a word about the various articles on this subject; Many are not recent and most are not local to this market area. Some of their comments about what to expect from an inspection are not correct. Pricing information offered may or may not be correct depending on the market the author is familiar with or how long ago the article was written.

Still, there is a lot of good information offered in the articles. Choosing the right home inspector is part of the due diligence you should use when buying a home. Please take a few minutes and look at these articles and more if you have the time.  Then, look at Space City Inspections and call us with your questions. Or, fill out our free estimate form and submit it. We will reply within 12 hours if not sooner.

Check out the articles below.