Home Inspection Points

Scope of Inspection

A structural and mechanical inspection is limited to what your inspector can gain access to and see. If the roof pitch is too steep to walk on or if the access is otherwise impeded, the inspection will be limited to what can be seen from the ground. Or, if the attic is cluttered with stored items or the crawl space is too low, the inspection will be limited to what can be seen from the attic stairway or scuttle.

Preparing for Inspection

Make an effort to be there while your inspection is being done. It is not always possible and not a prerequisite, but most folks find it very helpful. If you are present, your inspector can point out to you the things you will see later in his written report. This will allow you to ask questions and will give you a better understanding of the written report.

Property Inspection Sample Report

Families are pleased with the thorough reports provided by Space City Inspections. To view a sample property inspection report from Space City Inspections, click the sample report image to the right. (Click Here for Sample Inspection Report)

The Sample Report is a large file with photos and will take a few seconds to load. Please be patient, it is worth the short wait.




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