Scope of Inspection

A structural and mechanical inspection is limited to what your inspector can gain access to and see. If the roof pitch is too steep to walk on or if the access is otherwise impeded, the inspection will be limited to what can be seen from the ground. Or, if the attic is cluttered with stored items or the crawl space is too low, the inspection will be limited to what can be seen from the attic stairway or scuttle.

There may be items of systems that are not included in the normal home inspection. These would be the type of things that most homes do not have. (See Inspection Points #17 Optional Items for the most common ones.) The list is only limited by the human imagination and there are additional charges related to inspecting these items.

A Professional Inspector has extensive training in many areas but is still considered a generalist, not a specialist. If your inspection finds an indication of a possible problem with say, the air conditioning system, you should consider calling a specialist in that field for further evaluation.

In almost all cases, an inspector will find several things to report in new or well-maintained homes. The inspection is not a warranty. If you are concerned about future problems, you may want to consider purchasing a home warranty.

Many people confuse inspectors and appraisers. The inspection is not an appraisal. The value of your home can be affected by many things besides its conditions. Most mortgage lenders will require an appraisal as a part of the loan process.