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Oct, 2021 |
Ed Fryday, ACI, CPI, CMI® | TREC#6932

The following information is for anyone who has suffered damage from a hurricane or tropical storm or flash flood of any nature. There are several things to be done to get the recovery process moving and some things have priority over others. What I hope to do here is provide you with information and priorities that you can use to help yourself recover as quickly as possible. 

Sep, 2021 |
Ed Fryday, ACI, CPI, CMI® | TREC#6932

What does WPI-8 mean? What is it? Who needs and why?

I get those and similar questions often. If you are moving to the Texas coastal area from just about anywhere else you have probably never hear of a WPI-8. I’m sure somebody in the Texas Home Insurance industry can tell us what those letters stand for but I will just taker a guess.

Feb, 2021 |
Ed Fryday, ACI, CPI, CMI® | TREC#6932

Fold down attic access stairs are often poorly installed. It is likely that if your home was built before 2006, the fold-down stairs to the attic are improperly installed.  It is rare but I have personally witnessed two of the assemblies fall with men climbing on them. Fortunately the men were not hurt but they could have been.

Jan, 2021 |
Ed Fryday, ACI, CPI, CMI® | TREC#6932

First of all and most importantly, you should know that galvanized water pipes are going to leak. It takes a while but is basically inevitable. Galvanized steel pipes corrode over time and eventually leak. In a worst case scenario one will burst – usually during a hard freeze.

Dec, 2016 |
Ed Fryday, ACI, CPI, CMI® | TREC#6932

Were you aware of this? Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) created standards in 1991 that require all freestanding ranges manufactured after that year to be able to support 250 pounds of weight on their open oven doors.

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