Inspection Types

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

This is the inspection that a buyer orders when he or she has a contract on a house. It normally takes place during your option period so ask your Realtor to get as much option period as possible. A longer option period gives you more time to deal with surprises that may come to light as a result of the inspection.

Optional Pre-Purchase Inspections

These are for things like termite Inspections, lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools & spas, boat houses & boat lifts, and/or outbuildings like workshops, sheds, or garage apartments. Most homes don’t have any of these extras but some have one or two and some luxury homes may have them all and more. I recently inspected a home with a horse barn and another one with an aircraft hangar.

The normal home inspection does not automatically include the extra items but if the home has any of these things you should consider having them inspected. Normally there will be an extra fee for an optional inspection but not always – just ask.

Pre-Listing Inspection

This is for you if you are thinking about listing your house for sale. If you get it inspected before you list it you will have an idea of what items may need repair. A little fix-up in advance will help you get top dollar at sale time.

Home Warranty Inspection

Most new homes come with a one-year warranty from the builder. Get a home warranty inspection done about 10 or 11 months after you move in to see if there is anything hidden that you can get fixed under the warranty.